About Us

Crossfade stands out as a quintessential American rock band hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, initially formed in 1991. The band, which confidently adopted the Crossfade name in 2002 after earlier incarnations as The Nothing and Sugardaddy Superstar, showcases Ed Sloan as the commanding lead vocalist and guitarist. Les Hall, a virtuoso on lead guitar and keyboards, complements Sloan’s performances with his own backing vocals. Mitch James lays down a solid foundation with his backing vocals and bass.

Throughout their career, Crossfade has unleashed three monumental studio albums, marking their territory in the rock landscape. Their self-titled debut album in 2004 made an indisputable impact, followed by a robust sequel, Falling Away in 2006, and the profound We All Bleed in 2011, each further cementing their legacy in the annals of rock music.

Please contact us at crossfadeband@gmail.com for issues or questions.